After the Insect Robot Aliens attacked everything was confusing and it seemed like nothing was ever true.

We were forced to use fewer and fewer words. In fact, instead of words we had to resort to exchanging images that changed their meaning so fast that the IRAs* couldn’t follow. They were called “memes”. Going outside became very disagreeable with long term survival and the Book of Faces rose as the favored method of communication.

The problem, as it turned out to be was that no one actually reached anyone else. Our messages were being sent to an automatic response generator server optimized by the IRA technology known as the Profound Understanding System.

Meanwhile all crops died off and animals mysteriously disappeared. Drone deliveries and perfectly placed ads maintained the idea of a functional and responsive society.

When we finally poked our heads out of the Book of Faces and took a good look around, it was already far too late. We saw Yitt for the first time.

*Insect Robot Aliens