Berlin is Great

Great for coasting through life, great for showcasing a singular type of cool, & certainly great for easy access to cheap drugs.

But for music… it sucks.


Like really sucks.

Tape Photo 1
MR Tape Photo

We’ve tried bringing unusual, exciting, & fun music to a city of “free-spirits” & “artists“, but  we failed.  There is no interest.  There is no money.  The city is too busy fellating itself to lift an eye.


And that’s okay.

So now we’re working with the few localnot-shitty bands we can find, recording them to tape, and then pumping their tunes out to the world from the bowels of the electronic music industry.

Tape Photo

If you want to exchange monies for a physical tape, write us at


Muchos Besos,

el Rondo deVille & STT